Cathi LutzMy life, being part of the Baby Boomer Generation, has been a journey of several ages and stages. I started out wanting to be a nurse so I could help people. My love for clothing and fashion led me to dream of being a buyer for a department store.

After college I started my retail career working for department stores in both Florida and Texas. My final destination brought me home to Oregon where I began a long career with Meier and Frank department stores. My passion for fashion turned out be a wonderful career…the perfect fit for me! It was high energy, exciting and put me on the fast track. I had many leadership positions with Meier and Frank with the largest responsibility of being the Store Manger for the Downtown Portland Oregon store.

I was blessed to spend over 20 years in a career that I loved and it gave me the training and experience of a lifetime! Although corporate america opened so many doors for me, I knew that I needed to make a change with my career. My priorities had shifted and I needed to start the next age and stage of my life.

My next age and stage involved going out on my own as a consultant and coach, working with nonprofit organizations, consulting small family businesses, and coaching individual clients. As a coach I have helped, supported and encouraged people as they navigated their journey of change. It has been an honor as clients have given me permission to speak into their lives.

One of the areas that comes up often in the coaching process is clutter…not only the clutter in their lives but in their homes as well. I have coached many people as they have made transitions to start clearing the clutter in their homes. As a result, it has given them energy and freedom to open their minds to new possibilities. When clutter blocks your space it also blocks your vision. ¬†

With many people making transitions from one home to the next…or individuals wanting to declutter and don’t know where to start…that is where Ages & Stages¬†comes in to help you navigate your journey of change!